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City of Tallahassee

BHNA Community Policy

As a result of recent media coverage regarding expired restrictive covenants in portions of our neighborhood, the BHNA Board of Directors wishes to formally restate its long standing commitment to create a welcoming community for ALL.

As is currently reflected in the fabric and makeup of our neighborhood, we embrace the diversity inherent in each person and encourage the inclusion of ALL. …

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Why Words Matter

Recently, a prospective Betton Hills homebuyer became extremely upset about language in the original restrictive covenants for a subdivision in Betton Hills.  So upset, she was put into a quandary concerning whether to go forward with the home purchase.

To see the July 1, 2019 Tallahassee Democrat article on this issue, click here.…

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Thomasville Road: Make It Enjoyable!

Interest in walking and biking in Betton Hills and all of Tallahassee is on the upswing.  Cascades Park and Franklin Boulevard are just two incredible examples of how walking and biking improvements enhance Tallahassee’s beauty and our quality of life.  The Betton Hills Neighborhood Association board has already shared with you our efforts with the city to improve Betton Road for walkers and bicyclists.…

Lineman, Spare That Tree?

I don’t know anyone who is thrilled to be without electrical power.  Then again, many residents enjoy their street trees and don’t want to see them diminished or damaged.  Betton Hills will soon experience the first cycle of the city’s enhanced tree trimming above power lines. …

Get Your TPD!

The Tallahassee Police Department is pleased to announce the first Family Citizens’ Police Academy (CPA) for 2019.  This CPA class will be for youth and their parents or guardians.  The academy will begin March 26, 2019 and run for 9 consecutive weeks, culminating with a graduation on May 21, 2019.…

City Commission Vote on Midtown Garage This Wednesday, February 20, City Hall at 4:00

City planners are still asking to build a big parking garage in Midtown.  It will be up for a City Commission vote this week.  Planners are recommending:

  • Negotiating for a $24-$30 million, 5-story, 550-car garage at Thomasville/Monroe Point that is not financially viable now; if talks are not successful, re-negotiating for the original $14 million, 5-story, 331-car garage at Thomasville and 5th Avenue
  • In addition, identifying and negotiating for other properties along Monroe for more parking garages
  • Hiring an outside parking expert

The BHNA whole-heartedly agrees that a thorough professional parking study should be done.…

5-Story Parking Garage for Midtown?

Should a 312 car, 5-story parking garage be built smack dab in the middle of Midtown?  Get an initial peek at this project.  Find out about its public meeting.


A thriving Midtown is good for nearby neighborhoods, local businesses, and Tallahassee. …

Read the Candidate Interviews on Neighborhoods and Growth Management!

Recently, the BHNA joined the Alliance of Tallahassee Neighborhoods (ATN). We did so to create a stronger voice for Betton Hills and other in-town neighborhoods for neighborhood enhancement and sound growth management.

One of the first initiatives of ATN was to conduct interviews with city commission and county commission candidates focused on neighborhood and growth management issues. …